Steve Sews Stuff

Steve Sews Stuff is Steve’s other blog about sewing and quilting. #SteveSews

Steve Sews Stuff

Please check out Steve’s other blog site where he shares about sewing and quilting, even showing off quilt barns he comes across.

Steve Sews Stuff is Steve’s other blog about sewing and quilting. #SteveSews

Steve did first learn how to sew in high school taking two years of home economics. Then he didn’t sew again until the pandemic and made face masks.

That is where he first had the site named SteveZ MaskZ where he wrote about face masks, the pandemic and some sewing.

Then as face masks weren’t selling as much, and we weren’t having all those mask mandates, he learned how to sell other items. Now he sews a good bit of stuff and posts them for sale on Steve Sews plus blogs about sewing and quilting.

Now Steve sews all kinds of stuff, plus trying his hand a quilting! Yes! Men can sew and quilt too!

Steve Sews Stuff is your source for handmade … 

So if you want read about sewing and quilting, even Cricut, crafts, recipes and more please check out his other site.

Plus you can follow his other account on social media @SteveSews2.

But also keep reading this blog for more faith based blog posts and more!

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