I Love to Write Day

I Love to Write Day – a day for those to found of writing. #ILoveToWriteDay

I Love to Write Day

I Love to Write Day - a day for those to found of writing. #ILoveToWriteDay

Held annually on November 15.

Started in 2002 by Delaware-based author John Riddle. (No I did not say Tom Riddle, from Harry Potter, as Google would show me in search results!)

“My goal for I Love To Write Day is to have people of all ages spend time writing.

Tom Riddle

This is a great day for those who love to write like those who write on a blog, newspaper, dairies, journals, books, poems, letters, essays, stories, books, etc.

You can even write prayers! Or Devotionals! Or Start a Christian Blog!

The possibilities are endless what you can write and where you can write. Not to mention, how you write like pencil, pen, marker, tablet, phone, computer, etc.

So get going and Write! Write! Write!

Almost hearing that reminds me of Bob Ross and Draw, Draw, Draw …

Or maybe Dory, Just keep Writing, Just Keep Writing!

Anything that involves words is writing! Just saying.

If you love to write, feel free to share what do you enjoy writing and where do you write? Also share your love for reading online, social media, write a book or blog! Go at it!

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Author: Steve Patterson

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