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Homemade Fire Crackers

Like spicy food? Spicy Snacks? These Homemade Fire Crackers will set your mouth on fire and make your nose run for sure!

Homemade Fire Crackers

Homemade Fire Crackers

Homemade Fire Crackers

My daughter and I both enjoy spicy food. You may not want to give to young children. If you like spicy snacks, I am sure you will like this homemade fire crackers.


  • Crushed Red Peppers
  • Butt Rub Seasoning (smoked jalapeño powder)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Ranch Seasoning Powder, 2 Pkgs.
  • Canola Oil or Olive Oil
  • Oyster Crackers, 1 Pkg.
  • Tiny Saltines, 1 box (these are about 1/4 size of regular saltines)
  • 2 Gallon Zip Lock Bags


Each gallon bag will get half a box of saltines and half a package of the oyster crackers. Now take them well to mix them up.

Now sprinkle some oil in the bag and shake it.

Now sprinkle some of the spicy dry seasonings.

Each bag will get 1 package of the Ranch seasoning. I would put in half now.

Now shake it up!

Add a sprinkle more of the oil and more of the dry spicy seasoning and the other half of the ranch seasoning. I recommend you taste it for spiciness before adding more of the spicy dry seasonings. Each time you shake it and before you add more.

If you had a lot of crushed red peppers it will be very spicy.

Try adding pepper jack cheese its I believe they taste good with it I’ve been told regular cheese its don’t. Maybe because the pepper jack ones have a little kick to them is why they.go good with them.

Do you have a suggestion for something to add to this mix? Please feel free to share. 

Thanks to Anne, church friend, for sharing this with me. I added to the one she told me.

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  1. These will be great for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day … Well Any Day! But those holidays I am sure they will be a big explosion in peoples mouths.

  2. Justin Breeden I just made some of these and boy are they spicy!

  3. make sure to have a fire extinguisher aka something to drink to cool that tongue handy

  4. Sarah Carter says:

    Death Crackers!!!

  5. actually they could be called infurno crackers.

  6. Sharon Burney if you, Jim or the girls like spicy, they may like these. Easy to make.

  7. Cool. Thanks

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