Global Cat Day (National Feral Cat Day)

Global Cat Day (National Feral Cat Day) #GlobalCatDay

Global Cat Day (National Feral Cat Day)

This day is held annually on October 16 to raise the awareness for the need to adopt or foster cats and kittens. This day got started by Alley Cats in 2001.


According to Alley Cat Allies, since feral cats can’t adapt to indoor living after being wild, the best way to help them is to treat them with the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) process. This is wat Feral Felines Friends of East Tennessee does.

This day is also known as National Feral Cat Day.

International Cat Day is in August.

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  1. We’re actually feeding our clan of 5 ferals right now – they have a kitty condo, but we’re looking at getting a heating pad for them as well. The goal is that spay/neuter.
    We’ve had some luck with a feral who decided to come in – he’s now the most silly boy you can imagine in fur.

    1. Awesome, our momma and dadda hooman is feeding a feral kitten right now. (Gypsy Rose is her name) It now is warmed up to them. Comes running when they come home from work, meows at the door to be feed. I think they plan to get its shots and maybe adopt it or find someone to adopt it. Yes, they need a heating pad or that to stay warm now that it is getting colder outside. Spay and neuter is the goal to help having unwanted cats, kittens, dogs, puppies run the streets.

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