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I’ve seen that go around Facebook several times with different pictures. This is a get along shirt. What you need is a very extra extra large shirt and a marker. With the marker write on it Get Along Shirt. The premise of this is to put your kids inside this extra extra large shirt, to make them learn to get along.

I don’t know if this works or not but it does sound like a good idea but I only had one child. I’m sure if I had two children or more I would implement that.

Do you have a get along shirt how well does it work for your kids getting along?

Maybe this can be implemented in a husband and wife if they are not getting along?

Below is a Google image search, I took a screen shot of the first set of results.

Google Screen Shot - Get A Long Shirt
Google Screen Shot – Get Along Shirt
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7 thoughts on “Get Along Shirt

  1. I bet they wouldn’t like it at first, but, I am sure if you warn them about the Get Along Shirt, they may straighten up. Reminds me of in school, some teachers would make you hold hands until you learned to get along.

  2. you could make a game of it, kind of reminds me of the sack race, you could think of things they could safely try to do that way & they may end up laughing & forget the anger

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