Gate Zero, an immersive video game that explores the Bible

Gate Zero is a Bible exploration video game that takes you back in time to explore ancient Israel, interact with gospel stories and examine the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words. Gate Zero was born out of a need to bring the Bible to life in an immersive, interactive and accessible way for today’s youth. #GateZero

Gate Zero, an immersive video game that explores the Bible

Gate Zero, an immersive video game that explores the Bible, successfully launched its first Kickstarter campaign June 6, 2023. #GateZero

Gate Zero, an immersive video game that explores the Bible, successfully launched its first Kickstarter campaign yesterday at 9AM ET. In just nine hours, it achieved over 50% funding, raising more than €100,000 (roughly $110,000 USD). Now, the game is trending on Kickstarter and has reached 65% funding. #GateZero

This Bible Video game has garnered significant support from the Christian community. It was even featured on the (CBN) Christian Broadcasting Network’s show, The 700 Club, and has been shared and streamed by various Christian content creators and gaming ministries. Gate Zero’s compelling narrative, which intertwines faith, mystery, and revelation, has drawn praise from the community, including Love Thy Nerd.

“Gate Zero draws inspiration from the timeless stories of the Bible and weaves together faith, mystery, and revelation into an enthralling narrative.”

Love Thy Nerd

Gate Zero enjoys a strong following across social media platforms, with hundreds of supportive comments pouring in daily from a diverse Christian audience. The game’s high-quality design and its ability to provide an immersive and interactive way for youth to explore the Bible has been widely recognized. With over 150k followers and subscribers across all platforms and more than 10 million views on TikTok alone, Gate Zero is poised to make a meaningful impact as both a gaming experience and a missionary tool.

Extraordinary journey:

Embark on an extraordinary journey through time to immerse yourself in the wonders of ancient Israel. Explore the vibrant streets of Jerusalem, Capernaum, and neighboring regions, delving into the captivating stories of the Gospels and unraveling the profound meanings within Jesus’ teachings.

Historical landscapes:

As you traverse the historical landscapes, you’ll have the freedom to roam and undertake missions that will aid the locals and contribute to the preservation of the community. Utilize your gear and stealth abilities to navigate through potential dangers while collecting valuable resources along the way. Each mission will reward you with riddles, bringing you closer to unraveling the enigmatic mystery left behind by your grandmother.

Interaction with familiar characters:

Interact with familiar characters and become an active participant in their stories, witnessing pivotal moments from the Bible come to life before your eyes. Whether you choose to embark on this journey alone or connect with friends through mobile devices for an immersive couch co-op experience, the adventure promises to be captivating and enlightening.

Unlocking secrets:

Unlock the secrets of your grandmother’s legacy as you embark on a quest that begins in the dystopian world of Terrapolis in the year 2072. Following a cryptic mission, bestowed upon you by your late grandmother, you and your cousin Hector decide to travel back to the origins of her mysterious “pearl” using Hector’s revolutionary time machine, Gate Zero. Let the allure of the past and the quest for answers drive you towards an unforgettable adventure of discovery and understanding.

At the time of this blog post they are now over 100% backed by over 2,600 backers. You can still contribute to help further the game making experience.

Learn more at the Kick Starter Page!

Bible X studio website:

Gate Zero website:

Early demo download:

I have not played this game just sharing about it. (Rewritten press release). If you have played it, feel free to share in the comments below.

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