FOMO – is an acronym for Fear of Missing Out

On Way FM radio, I heard a advertisement that talked about FOMO. And then on a Sunday in May 2019, my pastor even mention the Acronym FOMO.


FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

We are often in the fear of missing out. We see what everybody else is doing or not doing and wishing that we could do or not do the same.

Social media doesn’t help. We see what people are doing or not doing constantly. We fear that we are missing out of the fun or being left out in some cases. Often causing us to covenant what they do or don’t do at times, wishing we could do or not do what they did.

If we get blocked or unfriend, we get upset, because for some reason, we want to stay in the know. Sometimes this also can lead to gospel.

anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. Noun, Slang FO·MO/ˈfōmō/

Often FOMO can be the Fear of Regret too.

Maybe so we don’t fear we are missing out, we should worry about what we are doing and not so much what others are doing. We have to account for what we do or don’t do on judgement day.

Check out these acronyms for the word Fear since FOMO deals with Fear.

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By Steve Patterson

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2 thoughts on “FOMO”
  1. Man I don’t know how you put up with them from wayfm…I have tried but i can’t. Anyways to to post the must I seen is I got a fear that i can’t get something done this fast . I got something plan for next month but it taking forever to launch. God been leading me to do this so I know I’ll fine.

    1. I actually enjoy listening to them. We have to remember when it comes to doing things for God, it is not in our time, it is in His time. His time is just right. We may think it needs to be done now or that, but He has a grand purpose for when it is completed. Thanks for the comment.

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