1982 World’s Fair Anniversary

1982 World’s Fair Anniversary – On May 1 in 1982, the World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN opened. #WorldsFair #1982WorldsFair

1982 World’s Fair Knoxville

The 1982 World’s Fair from was May – October of 1982 in downtown Knoxville area. (A total of 184 days).

The iconic Sunsphere is still standing from that event. It spanned over 72 acres including the parts of the University of Tennessee.

Today the World’s Fair Park area is now just 10 acres.

In three years, will be the 40th Anniversary. Hard to believe! (In 2022)

What are your memories from the 1982 World’s Fair?

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  1. I remember the 1982 World’s Fair. My mom worked there, If I am not mistaking. I also remember my sister getting stung by a bee above her eye and it swelled it shut for awhile. I was young then.

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