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Forgive My Sins Jesus Billboards

Forgive My Sins Jesus Billboards – there are a series of faith-based billboards in South Carolina.

Jesus is the Answer Billboard
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Jesus is the Answer Billboard

Jesus is the Answer Billboard – While on a drive around the area we live, we came across this billboard in Newport, TN beside an old rundown drive-in diner.

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Who is Jesus billboard

Who is Jesus billboard – I keep seeing this billboard on the interstate. There are a few others like them too.

Trust in the Lord (billboard)
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Trust in the Lord (billboard)

Check out this billboard in New Market, TN that talks about Trust in the Lord and comes from two verses in the Bible from Proverbs 3.

Jesus Billboard
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Jesus On the Cross Billboard

Check out this 3D life-size billboard of Jesus on the Cross.

Lead Us ... Deliver Us ... Billboards (Clyde, NC)
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Lead Us … Deliver Us … Billboard

Check out this Christian Billboard about Lead Us and Deliver Us. This billboard is in Clyde, NC.

Fight the Good Fight Billboard
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Fight the Good Fight Billboard

A Billboard in Tennessee that says “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”. #faith #fight This billboard is near the 407 exit on I-40.

Leviticus 18:22 Billboard
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Billboard with Bible Verse in Portland

A billboard in Portland is stirring up controversy. It has the appearance of a Bible, with a Bible verse on one side and a quote on the other.