February is the shortest month, but there's no definitive answer why. (TF142952)
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February: Fun Facts

February is the shortest month of the year, but many people have no idea why that is. Here are some fun facts about this shortest month of the year. #February #FebruaryFunFacts #FunFactsFebruary

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The Calendar Changes God Doesn’t Change

The Calendar Changes God Doesn’t Change – With the New Year brings a new calendar to put up to change each day, week or month, depending on the calendar style we have. One thing is clear … God never changes.

2017 Calendar, Printable
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2017 Calendar Free Printable

2017 Calendar – This is Courageous Christian Father’s 2017 Printable Calendar. You can save this pdf and print it out on your own printer. #2017

2016 Calender
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2016 Calendar Free Download

Download your free 2016 calendar compliments of Courageous Christian Father. #2016