You Can Judge God Comic by Adam Ford

You Can Judge God Comic by Adam Ford

1: Someone pointed out to me that in the Okd Testament God commands the killing of s whole group of people.

2: Men, women, children, old, young … all of them in 1 Samuel 15. I have to say, I’ve never really thought much about it before. That was wrong. God should not have done that.

  1. That was God’s judgement on specific people. Does God not have the right to judge as He wishes, even to take life which He alone creates, sustains and owns. He’s God!

See comic below!

  1. Why doesn’t the flood concern you more than destruction of the Amalekites? In the flood God killed nearly every man, woman and child in the entire world and did He not have the right to do that? He is God!

  1. Well yeah, now that I think about it, the flood really concerns me too …
  2. You know what should concern you a lot more? That you’re presuming to place yourself in a position where YOU CAN JUDGE GOD!

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