Yes I Am A Christian (#YesIamAChristian)

Yes, I am a Christian. #YesIAmAChristian is a trending hashtag. It is to show your support for those affected in the recent shootings at Oregon and to boldly tell people on social media that Yes You Are A Christian. So show your support both in prayer and by hashtagging #YesIAmAChristian

#YesIamAChrstian (Yes I am a Christian)
#YesIamAChrstian (Yes I am a Christian) is a Christian Blog and proud to be a Christian Blog. I will always blog for God and Jesus to promote the Gospel. I will always blog for God and Jesus to promote the Gospel. My name is Steve Patterson and Yes I am A Christian. #YesIAmAChristian

Yes I am a Christian is the last words of many in the latest Oregon shooting. The sames words were spoken to those at the columbine shooting of 1999.

The Bible tells us that that Jesus said that those who lose their life for me, will gain their life with me. (See Matthew 10:39; Matthew 16:25; Luke 9:24; & Mark 8:35)

So share on social media your support for those families and affected by the Oregon shooting and others who are standing up to their beliefs and being shot and killed for being a Christian by praying for them and using the hashtag #YesIamAChristian


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Author: Steve Patterson

A Christian Blogger that enjoys blogging about the Bible, Theology, God, Jesus Christ, Christian Music, Family, Cats, Odd Holidays, sewing and much more. I have been blogging since 2004, however, I have been blogging on Courageous Christian Father since 2012. I enjoy listening to Christian Music. I am married with 1 daughter, 2 step-sons and a step daughter.

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