Wrong Number

Wrong number called or text you, I am sure most of all of us get one from a caller or texter we don’t know. It can be easily done … A transposed number, remembering the wrong number, someone else had that number before you or any other number of reasons like a misdialed call or text.

When you get a wrong number call or text do you take the time to mention or share about Jesus or seek out prayer request?

Wrong Number A Chance to Witness

Wrong Number

A Chance to Witness

Seems these last couple weeks I’ve been getting a lot of people texting me and it turns out to be the wrong person or trying to text or call, so it ends up being a wrong number. In a few of these I was able to share about Jesus with them. It can be a simple saying God Bless You. It can be a way to tell others about Jesus and seek to see if they have any prayer request.

According to WikiPedia politely telling them they have the wrong number is called wrong number technique.

Proper telephone etiquette recommends that the wrongly dialed party politely inform the caller of that fact, and also that the caller apologize rather than simply hanging up. Often the two parties will confirm whether or not the intended number is indeed the number that was reached (e.g. “Is this 555-0184?”) before ending the call. It is widely considered “dangerous” for the called party to disclose their phone number — rather it is considered more prudent to require the calling party to state which number he dialed and for the called party to simply confirm whether or not that is his number. 1

After you politely done that, maybe that is the chance to share Jesus with them. Remember the key is being polite about it. This is a great way to show you do have the love of Jesus in you. Do not be rude to the person that incorrectly texted or called you. Manners Matter! That wrong number is a person too.

It is always great when they can share back what Jesus done for them all this from a wrong number. I just had one last night tell me a brief testimony and a prayer concern. I shared back a brief testimony too. So you can use this to share your testimony too.

Some people may not be so recessive to it. If you witness you will know not everyone will take it then. Just think though at least a seed was planted that will eventually bring a harvest.

Sometimes you’ll find prayer concerns doing this too. Like I mentioned, I have had a few tell me some concerns they have. It is interesting, we will tell strangers more about ourselves then we do the ones that are close to us. This is a great way to open up and pray for that person with their concerns.

Use this chance to share Jesus. This might me only time they will hear about Jesus or it could be their last. God had a purpose for that wrong number call or wrong number text to use it for His Benefit.

Have you done witnessing this way? I want to hear about your experience in witnessing to wrong number callers and texters. Your comments are welcome.

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