Patriot Day & National Day of Service & Remembrance (September 11)

Today marks the 12 year of the attack on America. Most of us remember where we were when we were attacked. A very sad and trying time. This is a day we remember all of those who lost their lives that day, according to Wikipedia 2,977 lost their lives. Let us remember in our prayers all those family that were affected and may still be affected.

I can remember where I was at that time. I lived in Gaylord, MI working for Star Publications. We had one ladies there came back to my department. She told us. Someone got a tv and plugged it in. Only spot was shelf above my station. Where we you?

9-11-01 REMEMBER

9-11-01 REMEMBER

About this day

We use to call this day just “Patriot Day” until 2012. In 2012 Patriot Day became known as “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance” Patriot Day was announced as a holiday in 2002, almost 1 year after the tragic event. This day is not considered a federal holiday.

The American flag

We are to fly our American flag at half-staff starting at 8:46 a.m., the time of the first plane strike. If you have an American flag flying at your home or business, please be sure to lower it to half-staff.

Doing Good

Many people are planning to do good deeds on this day as a way to pay tribute to all of those who were affected by the tragic event. Let’s take the Boy Scouts Motto “Do a Good Turn Daily”. Let’s just not do this on September 11th. Let’s do this as the Scouts say, “DAILY”.


No matter what the day is called, we will remember that day and those who lost their lives that day. Those who also gave their lives for others as well.

As we reflect on this day let us continue to Praise God and make sure we keep God in our Country. Let’s keep our eyes on God and not take our eyes off of God. When we take our eyes off God we see the big issues around us.

As Christian American’s we need to stand up for our rights as Christians and not allow God to be taken out of our country. It is slowly being removed, with Ten Commandments being taken down, no prayer or Bibles in public schools. This way when tragic happens, we know we can faithfully go to God for help.

Also keeping our eye on God, will allow us to know we have nothing to Fear. Plus, let us also forgive those who caused all this tragedy. We are to forgive others or Christ won’t forgive us. Matthew 6:14-15


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