Give ‘em the Vol!

Give 'Em The Vol

Give ‘Em The Vol

This is for your Tennessee Vols fan that are out there like me. This is a hand signal that I was told is used by the Drum Major before the University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band Plays “Rocky Top”.
I am not sure, I remember this from the University of Tennessee Vol Guide some years ago from The Knoxville Journal.

I think this is neat because with your hands you can spell out “Vol”. 

No this don’t really relate to my “Christian theme” but I am hoping that it could help lead others to visit my blog and read about Christianity. But, we all know most of us, even as Christians have favorite sports teams etc.

It is okay to have a favorite sport team, but it is not okay to put that team before God. Remember God is always first!

So does your favorite sport team have a hand signal like this?

Join the discussion, what are your thoughts?