Names of God in the Old Testament

Word God

Word God

I saw this on a poster at church in a Sunday School room. I wanted to share this with you.  It is how God is referred to in the Old Testament. Along with each one is a verse the references to that verse. These names are Hebrew. I saw this poster during our Vacation Bible School last month.
Even our pastor at our church will use a lot of these names especially Elohim. I also hear our pastor say Jehova-jreh too.

There is even a Christian song with Yahweh in it. It is by Phil Wickham called At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh).

It was blasphemy to say God’s name so it was only written in that time.

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  1. Steve, great post thanks for sharing. My favourite name for God is Immanuel – God with us, although it only occurs twice, once in Isaiah and the second in Matthew quoting Isaiah. But it really is a beautiful thought, God with us.

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