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Worldwide Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed

September 26: A Prayer Vigil is held to pray for Pastor Saeed & others who have been imprisoned for sharing Christian faith. #savesaeed #prayervigil
Pray for Saeed Abedini
Pray for Saeed Abedini

On September 26, many places are holding a Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed Abedini. 2015 marks his 3rd year anniversary of being imprisoned in Iran for sharing his Christian Faith.

This pray vigil is scheduled in all 50 states and also around 30 countries.

Naghmeh Abedini, Saeed’s wife says ““I’m doing a prayer vigil on this day to remember Pastor Saeed and others who are imprisoned for Christ, but also as a chance to come together as the body of Christ and see the move of God as we pray together.”

Franklin Graham and the Abedini family will be in Washington, DC for a prayer vigil.

Pastor Saeed gets beat, tortured and anything they can do to try to get him to recant his Christianity and convert to Islamic beliefs.  Saeed is not the only person held in the Iranian prison for being a Christian.

This prayer vigil is to pray for Saeed and the many other people around the world who have been imprisoned, beat, tortured, etc. for sharing their Christian Faith. Let’s keep Saeed and others like him in your prayers.

I say we also pray for those Christians everywhere, who may not be imprisoned, but who are being beheaded, hung, beat, turned into slaves, displaced from their homes, families etc. for being Christian.

Pastor Saeed previously expressed in his letter that nothing has encouraged him more than knowing “that in my chains the body of Christ has chained together” in prayer.

More info at: Be Heard Project & Billy Graham Evangelic Association
First published September 26, 2014. Republishing September 26, 2015 with edits and revisions as needed to make current.

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