World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day – This day is when the world celebrates chocolate. Even some chocolaty deals. Who doesn’t like chocolate? #WorldChocolateDay 🍫

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day

This day is also known as International Chocolate Day. It has been held annually on July 7th each year. It seems to have started in 2009. Some people believe this day marks the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550.

However, National Chocolate Day is held October 28th.

Chocolate Facts

  1. Ancient Mayans used cocoa beans as currency.
  2. Some cocoa certification programs are modeled on success with a similar product–coffee.
  3. Chocolate melts at just below human blood temperature.
  4. Chocolate can make dogs and cats ill–meaning no tastings for your furry friend, and more for you.
  1. About 400 cacao beans to make one pound of chocolate.
  2. A farmer must wait four to five years for a cacao tree to produce its first beans.
  3. The French celebrate April Fool’s Day with chocolate-shaped fish, or “Poisson d’Avril.”
  4. Official world record for eating two pounds of chocolate candy bars is six minutes.
  5. German chocolate cake was named for Sam German, who developed a sweet bar for Baker’s Chocolate–and was not from Germany.
  6. In 2013, Belgium issued over 500,000 postage stamps with the smell of cocoa and covered in a varnish to look like chocolate.
  7. Under US law, 100gm of chocolate must not contain more than 60 insect parts on average.
  8. Research has shown that hot chocolate tastes best in orange colored cups.

First published July 6, 2018. Last updated or republished July 2, 2020.

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  1. They aren’t too bad either. Just got me one. They would be better as chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I was also disappointed because they still didn’t have chocolate glaze going on the donuts. They were right back to their normal process when I arrived at the N. Broadway location in Knoxville, TN.

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