World Beard Day

World Beard Day – a day set aside for the facial hair called a beard. #WorldBeardDay #BeardDay

World Beard Day - a day set aside for the facial hair called a beard. #WorldBeardDay #BeardDay
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I picked this image, because I like how this models mustache curls up.

I have goatee. I have grew out my beard a couple of times, but not long like Duck Dynasty or even ZZ Top.

When I was a child, I remember my dad having a red beard. Now he has a white beard. Another person known for their beard is Santa Claus.

This day is celebrated the first Saturday in September.

In 2019, that will be on September 7.

I am not sure when or how this day got started.

In some jobs, you cannot grow a beard. You have to keep a clean shave. Military, Police, Security, Fire and Paramedics. (I have notice some of those now have got laxed).

There are many kinds and types of beards, as well as, colors of beards too.

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