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I wanted to share the words of this graphic I saw on Facebook. It talks about our week without God and shows us that we are weak without Him.

Check out this “Without God” graphic I saw in the internet.

Without God

without God Image

I saw this graphic on Facebook, not sure who made it, but I wanted to share this one with you.

It says …

Without God

Our Week Would Be
SINday – Sunday
MOURNday – Monday
TEARSday – Tuesday
WASTEday – Wednesday
THIRSTday – Thursday
FIGHTday – Friday
SHATTERday – Saturday
7 days without God makes

We cannot do anything without God. We must have God. We are the ones that leave God or walk away from God or even run from God. But He never leaves us nor forsakes us. We must stay tuned into Him.

  • Stay in His Word
  • Pray (Constant Communication with God)
  • Worship and Fellowship Regularly

We must stay connected to God daily so we do not come weak. Remember our strength comes from the Lord.

Any day we sin is Sinday. We all sin! So we all see Sindays in our lives. We all face days of mouring for things or people. So those days are Mourndays. There are days we shed tears too. Even Jesus Wept! These days of tears are called Tearsday. There days we waste our day and do nothing for the Kingdom of God. These wasted days are called Wasteday. Then there are days we are either fighting God and resisting Him or we are fighting with Satan. These fight days are called Fightdays. Then the days we are falling apart can be our shatterday, because we shatter in pieces.

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