Where Churches are Headed in the Next Five Years

Where Churches are Headed in the Next Five Years – Here is an idea of what churches might look like in five years. This is just an idea!

Where Churches are Headed in the Next Five Years

Where Churches are Headed in the Next Five Years - Here is an idea of what churches might look like in five years. This is just an idea!

In 5 Years from now, it will be 2025. A lot can happen over a span of time and changes can happen too. Look at recent events with the COVID-19 Coronavirus and how it has changed churches just within the last few months.

Within the last few months churches had to go to Online church services due to social distancing / physical distancing. I’d say in five years almost every church will be doing online services, if they aren’t already now form this pandemic of 2020. Actually online church services will be the normal.

Even though doors are closed at churches right now, the Church can be the Church outside it’s four walls. With that being said, I hope to see the Church stepping up more and actually being the Church.

With Online Church services being the norm, they would no longer need a building. After all we the people, are the Church not the building.

In the next five years I see this pandemic changing how we go to church. One thing that might change is how we greet each other. I can see hand shakes are no longer a thing.

Maybe the church will actually do what it supposed to and help those less fortunate. Do you have to those in need. Show the love of Jesus everywhere. Actually being the Church as I mentioned.

It is hard to predict what can happen in 2025, who knows Jesus could come for His Church then or before then. No one knows when Jesus will come back!

All of our Bible lessons will be available to listen and/or watch online, as we can see the start of it right now being like that. Even as I am typing up this blog post, that is starting. My Church, True Life Church, gave all it’s members a membership to RightNow Media (A Streaming library of Bible study videos that inspires faith every day of the week).

I haven’t got to check it out yet. But I am sure in the future there will be more of these available through the internet. The internet brings all kinds of possibilities for the Church, Bible Study, Small Groups and more.

Where Churches are Headed in the Next Five Years - Here is an idea of what churches might look like in five years. This is just an idea!

When you can’t create you can work – Henry Miller

Works cannot save us. We are saved by the works of Jesus and what He accomplished on the Cross!

But, we can serve the church and in the future, media, social media, video, etc. I am sure will be a big part of Worship and Church services. These might be good areas to study and get into if you want to serve your local church or ministry.

Channel Nostradamus. Be the Magic 8-Ball

That’s a big negative right there. We shouldn’t be channeling anything that goes against the Word of God. We cannot predict the future. But, we know who holds the future …. God!

Just the like, we cannot get our answers from a Magic 8-Ball. Our answers that we need are found in the Bible, God’s Word!

To infinity and beyond – Buzz Lightyear

One thing that Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story got right was To infinity and beyond. We all will live forever … It will be either in Heaven or Hell based on our accepting Jesus Christ or rejecting Jesus Christ. That is our final destination! That will still apply in 2025, five years from the date of this blog post.

People love to read predictions

Sadly people do love to read predictions. Most of them get false information from many false predictions that has came from false teachers.

We must align our beliefs with the Word of God! No one knows when God will Send Jesus for the Church. If someone tells you, they are a liar and don’t believe them!

One thing we do know is that it will happen! It could be today, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now or even 100 or more. We don’t know! The thing that matters is are you ready? Are you saved? Jesus is the only way to Heaven, the means which we can be saved!

How do you see the church in five years?

What do you think the Church will be like in 2025? Feel free to share your comments below. I would really love to hear your ideas. Thanks for visiting and reading this blog post.

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