What does the Bible say about drums in worship?

What does the Bible say about drums in worship? Can we use drums in our worship to the Lord? #Drums #bgbg2 #Bible

What does the Bible say about drums in worship?

This question came up as a viewer came to watch an episode of my church’s worship service. He made a comment about asking what the Bible said about Drums.

What does the Bible say about drums in worship? Can we use drums in our worship to the Lord? #Drums #bgbg2 #Bible

Drums fascinate me. I cannot keep a beat, but if I could, I wouldn’t mind learning to play the drums. I cannot carry a beat what so ever.

The Bible doesn’t say anything about drums, the modern drum we have now wasn’t around until more recent times. However, during the Exodus and even during King David, you hear them praising God with loud noises such as tambourines and symbols. Which are a form a drum equipment. (See Exodus 15:20; Psalm 150:1-6; Psalm 149:1-9).

Drums have been used for many things throughout history ….

  • Religious Rituals\
  • Ceremonial
  • Festivals
  • Wars
  • Signals

Are we putting our focus on the drums or any other musical equipment, entertainment, etc. Or are we putting the focus the the Glory of God alone?

The Bible says, our worship should be in Spirit and Truth, John 4:24, it is a matter of a heart condition. Where is our heart when we worship and why are we worshiping God.

If we are truly doing it for the Lord, then nothing we do for Him comes up void.

Yes, each type of percussion instrument has a different purpose in music. Answers.com simply states ….

The main purpose of drums are to keep the beat during a song or dance.

Cymbals – צְלָצַל tsĕlatsal


  1. whirring
  2. buzzing
  3. spear
  4. whirring locust
  5. clatter

Tambourine – תֹּף – toph


  • timbrel
  • tambourine
  • drum
  • tabret

Playing Drums in worship and playing drums in Christmas music must bring glory and honor to God!

Some people will say drums feed the flesh, but the Bible tells us plainly what the works of the flesh are (Galatians 5:19-23) …

• Immorality
• Impurity
• Sensuality
• Idolatry
• Sorcery
• Enmities
• Strife
• Jealousy
• Outbursts of anger
• Disputes
• Dissensions
• Factions
• Envying
• Drunkenness
• Carousing

None of these deal with a drum beating.

Some will say drums shouldn’t be used because worship is not a festival or celebration. However, when we worship the Lord, we are celebrating Him.

If you believe they are not to be in worship, then it might be a good idea to attend a Bible believing church that doesn’t play the drums in worship, because you going to one that does, might hinder your worship and distract you because of your belief.

Rather drums are permissible or not, some people still believe they are not. However, having drums in worship or no drums in worship is not a primary part of salvation.

What does matter? The only thing that gets us to Heaven! That is Jesus Christ. Who died on a cross to save us from our sins. We must accept Him. It is Christ Alone and no other way to be saved!

Speaking of Drums, people ask if the Drummer Boy is Biblical. I have a blog post on that to check out too!

Should Drums be a part of worship?

Feel free to share your reasons as to why they should or even why they shouldn’t in the comments below.

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