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USA Soccer Fans: Disresepecting the American flag

Its all good showing your patriotism to your country specially for the USA Soccer at the World Cup® or even the Summer & Winter Olympics. It’s another thing when you this disrespect the American flag. There’s tons of men and women who have fought to protect our freedoms over that flag and you just treat it like a just a piece of cloth. I see photos from the USA soccer of people dragging the flag on the ground with no care. I see people in the crowd with their town written on it like one has Philadelphia written on the American flag.

Dragging the American Flag

Dragging the American Flag

Take a look at this photo, one of the most popular, most circulated photo out, take a look at the flag on the right side really good, notice it is being drug on the ground or touching the ground.

I saw another place, and I cannot find the picture, someone wrote their hometown Philadelphia on their flag in black marker.  Not to mention you see tons of people wearing the flag like a blanket. What are they going to do with these flags afterwards? Do these fans truly know how to properly fold the flag when they are done or are they gonna toss the flag in a wad and not think about it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for USA in the soccer or any other sport our Nation may play, but when you go to disrespect our Nation and you live here and born here, that is not good.

Not is it only USA Soccer fans, it us, USA in general. I am sure things are going on like this through out the USA, but it only takes a game like to for these type of photos to surface.

Today Jesus is being drug like the American Flag

Just the same as our American Flag is being drug like that, so is our Savior I am sure. Today people don’t want to talk about Jesus or they talk bad things about Him. They use His name like a curse word, blasphemy. We as Christian Americans need to get our respect back for our God and our Country. I remember in scouting it was God, Country and Self. These principles I am sure were instilled in the founding of our country, but look now we have them out of order. It is Self, Self, and Self.

So let’s pray for our nation! Let’s pray for our world. We live in dark and dying world. A World and Nation turning their eyes off of God. Psalm 33:12 says is right, quoted below. To be blessed as a Nation, our Nation must have God as our Lord. Our Nation sadly is taking God out of it.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.

Let’s stand up for our flag and let’s stand up for Jesus! Give respect where respect is due. Our flag is a symbol of freedom. Jesus Christ is the ultimate freedom. He died for our sins!

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