Uber Eats Delivery Driver

Uber Eats Delivery Driver – I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with Uber Eats. #UberEats

They do not give you any bags. You use your own. I used one I got from Walmart. You must use a thermal type bag. his will just be free flow writing.

So for this weeks Travel Thursday, I will have three blog post. These three are going to be about three of the popular food delivery apps. This is my experience from only doing this on Friday and/or Saturday for less than one month.

Uber Eats Delivery Driver - I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with Uber Eats.

I did only one delivery. With this order, I had to pick it up in West Town Mall. Then drive to Farragut, TN, about 9 miles away. The apartment complex, I had to deliver to was new, the customer only put the office address, not her own. It was hard to find. I had to call the customer to help.

This one took me longer to pick up and deliver, compared to Grub Hub and DoorDash. Which, I like GrubHub the best followed by DoorDash.

One thing I didn’t like was, I saw it pop up on my phone. It didn’t tell me how much I was making. I clicked on the item, it auto accepted it without knowing how much I was going to make. I didn’t know how much I made until the delivery was completed. Also note, rejecting deliveries could hurt you.

I tried to use this to make extra cash. I only did one delivery from it. I was signed on two different times. The second time, I had one popup, then went off right away before I could do anything with it.

One good thing is, you don’t keep cash on you. The customers pays through the delivery service.

Drivers often don’t make an hourly rate. They just get by on tips and the mileage. Of course, the driver can choose to accept or reject the delivery. Rejecting a delivery can hurt the ratings of a driver.

With that said, a driver is more likely to accept the delivery with a bigger tip on it. Just saying. They are using their own car, gas, wear and tear. Getting very little on the delivery, unlike a Pizza Delivery Driver.

You are a contracted person, that means 1099 and you pay your own taxes.

I am sure notifications are based on your location to the restaurant and the availability of you and other drivers.

I don’t see me using this one. I will stick to mostly Grub Hub or DoorDash. But, who knows, this one might work better for you. You never know, unless you try it.

To sign up as a driver, simply go to their site and sign up. They will ask you for your information such as Driver License Number, Proof of Insurance, Etc. They will do a background check. What is interesting, is you don’t go through a job interview. Bite Squad, made you have a job interview. I haven’t delivered for them yet. (Invite Code: SteveP2883OUI)

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