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Two Donald Trump Business Cards

Sharing two business cards from Donald Trump. One of the business cards is autographed by Donald Trump #DonaldTrump #RealTrump #Trump #Trump2016 #BusinessCards

Back of Second Business Card

Donald Trump Business Card 2 - Back (Autographed)


Also on this second business, the back says “Best Wishes!” along with Donald Trumps autograph.

I also blurred the address for privacy concerns.


Yes, the 2016 elections are coming up soon and Donald Trump is running for President. I am only sharing a couple of his business cards with my readers and others to see.

When I go to vote for political leader, I will make sure he or she is firm on his or her belief on God and Jesus Christ. That they won’t waver. They will seek to keep our Christian beliefs in tack.

Card 1 | Card 2 (Front) | Card 2 (Back)


Check out these 25 Business Card Tips!


#DonaldTrump #RealTrump #Trump #Trump2016 #BusinessCards 

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