Two Donald Trump Business Cards

Front of Second Business Card


Donald Trump Business Card 2

I gave up my business card collection a few years ago, only keeping the famous business cards. I didn’t want them to come in between me and God. Because anything you put before God is an idol. So I got rid of all of them, so this collection wouldn’t become an idol.  I would say I had over 300,000 or so business cards from all over the World. Not really keep up with the collection as well. No to mention, I didn’t want them to cause a Hindering Walk with God. So I threw them all away in the dumpster at my apartment complex. I no longer collect business cards.

Both business cards are gold foiled. I might say Gold Foil Printing is expensive!

Click to see the back of business card 2

Card 1 | Card 2 (Front) | Card 2 (Back)

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