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Turtle with God written on shell

Turtle with God written on its shell – Is this real or fake?

This image is making its rounds on Facebook again. I just saw it for the first time just recently.

Turtle with God written on shell

It is unclear if this turtle is real or it was photoshopped. I couldn’t find any clear answer yet.

I did find this image dating back to 2013 as well. Plus, in 2018, it made some rounds on social media as well.

Real or not, it does get peoples attention one way or the other.

My thinking, if it was real, we would have heard more about this turtle. There is very little about this image or turtle at that. I have seen poles where people ask if this was real or not, and those saying it is fake is the majority by a big factor.

But, I am unsure. I tend to believe it is fake. What do you think?

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Steve Patterson

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