Tungsten What Exactly is it?

Tungsten What Exactly is it? This metal seems to be gaining popularity in jewelry such as wedding rings. So what exactly is it? Find out more in this blog post!

Tungsten What Exactly is it?

I got married February 17, 2018 and both our wedding bands are made from this rare metal. I liked the look of the rings. So now, I want to dig in and find out more about this metal choice for our wedding bands.

Tungsten What Exactly is it?

The Chemical Symbol for Tungsten is W. The atomic number is 74. Tungsten comes from a Swedish term, tung sten, that means “heavy stone.“ It is Considered a Rare Metal. Sometimes you will hear this metal called wolfram or Wolframite means “the devourer of tin.” You will either find it as a light gray or whitish in color.

China is the major producer of this rare metal.

In Jewelry …

It is very strong in terms of strength. When this metal is combined with carbon, the metal can be compared to a diamond in strength. Making it last longer for daily wear and tear compared to gold, platinum and silver. These types of jewelry are also able to keep a shine to them.

Now the black tungsten rights are said to have a plate over them. Those plates can scratch easy.

These types of rings are also harder to bend. Nor will they scratch, ding or fade easily either. But, they can shatter easily if enough force is used.

Because these rings are domed, they recommend you get a half size smaller than your normally wear. One thing to keep in mind, they cannot be sized either!

They are also very reasonably priced too!

One thing to note is they are Hypoallergenic. However, a nickel allergies can be affected by tungsten rings. It is said the nickle content is very low.

I have been very pleased and like my band!

Tungsten Uses

  • Wedding Rings
  • Drill Bits
  • Bullets
  • X-Rays Targets
  • Glass to Metal Seals
  • Missles
  • High Speed Tool Steels
  • TV Tubes
  • & More

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