Tri-State Marker (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia)

Tri-State Marker (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia). How would you like to be able to see three states at one time or even stand in one spot and be in three states at the same time?

Heather of SimplySpokn took me to visit this year the Tri-State Marker. We also got to see the Iron Furnace on the way. Check out view of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia all at the same time. You can even stand on a marker that will allow you to stand in three states at one time. You can get to this spot via the base in Cumberland Gap, TN.

Tri-State Marker (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia)

I believe it also known as the Tri State Peak Trail. At the top you can see a sign for each state you can look at. It gives you a brief about that state.  Like the state flower and bird. The state nickname. Plus the area and number of counties in that state. The number the state was in the union and the date. Plus the state song.

Tri-State Marker Tennessee Kentucky Virginia

From the marker at the bottom it claims the trail is 1 1/4 mile. That marker sign reads.

“The cornerstone for Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee is the Three States Peak. The First Virginia – North Carolina (later Tennessee) boundary at this point was surveyed in 1779 by Dr. Thomas Walker and Col. Richard Henderson. The present line and corner were established by compromise following at controversy in 1802. A Supreme Court decision in 1903 finally approved the location.”

That is something I didn’t know that corner use to be North Carolina and not Tennessee until later on. That is neat to find about my home state of Tennessee.


Iron Furnace (Cumberland Gap National Park)


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