Travel Anywhere in the World

Travel Anywhere in the World. If I could travel anywhere in the World where would I go? This came from a Truth on the 5 Gum.

Use pic of Dog and Suitcase over lay with the country outlined with their flag.

Travel Anywhere in the World

There is actually two countries that I think I would really like to go in the world … France and Australia.

Travel anywhere in the world - Dog - Suitcase, France, Australia


I took French in high school for two years plus a semester in college. However, I only remember a little bit of French. Yet, I was still would love to visit France. I would like to see the Eiffel Tower. I would also like to see the Louvre and the Ark de Triumphe. Yes, I would go to Paris too! I am not afraid! I know that ISIS is in that city and killing people. But if it is my time to go, it is my time to go. Nothing can keep me here longer or shorter. God is the one in control of that. Besides if you lose your life because of Christ, you will gain your life. (Matthew 10:39 & Matthew 16:25)

I think the culture is very interesting too. One might think some of the culture is rude, compared to out Americans live. One example is, they snap their fingers and yell, “Garçon!” to get their waiters attention. I admit I do believe that is rather rude, but to them it is not. I just would like to experience what it is like in France.


Australia has been another country that has always fascinated me. Not totally sure why but it has. I think maybe part of it is the accent, how English is spoken there. I guess this is one country that I have been fascinated with since college. In college, I talked to someone in Australia and they said there goes a Koala running the telephone line. I said do what? She replied back, you have squirrels that run your phone lines, we have Koalas.

Australia seems like a fun vacation destination simply because of the wildlife that might cause you to go on an adventure. I just would like to experience what it is like in Australia.


France and Australia are the top two countries I would like to visit. I would say England would be third. Maybe one day I will be blessed and be able to go to one of these two countries. Perhaps, God has other plans for me to visit a totally different country. My plans are not always God’s plan. God know what path is best for us. He know when that path is best for us too.

I got this blog post idea from the Truth or Dare on a package of 5 Gum. #5TruthorDare

Where would you like to go and why?

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