Third Winter Jam Experience

r Jam 2015 East Coast Poster
r Jam 2015 East Coast Poster

2015 marked my third Winter Jam Experience. I have been twice to Knoxville and once to Lexington’s. This year, 2015, I went to Knoxville. It again was sold out. It was on Friday, February 13, 2015. It was sold out. As soon as our church youth group got inside you couldn’t move in the corridor, it was dead stopped, people cramped like sardines. People pushing people to try to get through to find a seat. You can hear people say there are no seats.

Finally they open behind the stage and we finally started to get thinned out. We sat catty-corner behind the stage. They had a big screen tv so we could see what was going on. After all we did pray that we would get inside. God did bless us with that. He never prayed for God to give us good seats, just to get in. So we are thankful that we got in. Because it was sold out and they started to turn people away.

There were 10 Bands at this Winter Jam. Click to see the line up. We took a total of 16 people in our group from Piedmont Baptist Church.

Despite being in the back I did enjoy it. There was one band that I thought was very showy there. I was not impressed with them. That was Family Force Five. I am also not that familiar with them. But, one person asked me to write about these “Christian Bands” about if they brought honor to God with their lyrics they sing here at Winter Jam.

If you can afford it and want to go to Winter Jam, then I would suggest the Jam Nation to get early entry and meet a greet. It cost a bit more than just $10 at the door but it would be well worth it. I am sure you could get closer to the stage with that.

I believe this event was a God honoring event. The bands and the speakers. It was all about Him! Even a love offering was taken up for Knoxville and the first fruit, 10% they said went to Wow Urban Youth Ministry of Knoxville.

I plan to do a blog post series that will go over some of these bands. Make sure you follow Courageous Christian Father as I will write about these bands. Skillet, Building 429, for KING and COUNTRY, and the other bands that were present at this 2015 Winter Jam.


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