The Three T’s of Giving: Tithe, Time & Talent

The Three T's of GIving: Tithe, TIme & Talent

Tithe – Giving T

God ask us to give our first fruits to Him. We are to give back to him a small portion of what He has blessed us with. 10% back. I know it can be hard. I have been there too. This is one thing I will admit I lack on at times. I am trying to work on this. But, I do know God provides and will take care of us. If we give back to Him what is His, things seem to stretch further then when we don’t give back. After all everything we have, everything we do, etc. belongs to God. He is the creator. Tithe helps your local church and/or ministries so they can help do more for the Kingdom of God.

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The Three T's of Giving: Tithe, Time & Talent
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The Three T's of Giving: Tithe, Time & Talent
The Three T's of Giving: Tithe, Time & Talent - There are three "T's" of giving. There is the giving of Tithe, the giving of Time and the Giving of Talent. I share about each one of these three T's.
Steve Patterson
Courageous Christian Father
Courageous Christian Father

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2 Replies to “The Three T’s of Giving: Tithe, Time & Talent”

  1. I have got to do better about being a good steward of what Christ JESUS gives me. I don’t struggle on the financial end of that, but I do struggle with feeling like I’m ‘good enough’ for my feeble talents to be of any use. But a wise gentleman recently reminded me that it isn’t really about what others may or may not think of my talents. I must use it for JESUS- most of all out of worship and gratitude for all that HE has given me. Great post, Sir.

    1. I pray God will free from the attacks of Satan and Free you from doubt to come into your head. That young man is true. We don’t answer to man when you answer to God. And if we don’t use our talent that God has given us, we will hear from God on it. He will chastise us. And we don’t want that. Plus we will have Your face God on Judgment Day on the stuff that we did or did not do. Everything is to give glory and honor to Him and Him alone. Thanks for the comment.

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