The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View

The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View – While I was in the scouts my post frequent position was Chaplain’s Aide. I was the one that prepared sermons when we went camping. We said a prayer at every meeting. Our troop always did the Lord’s Prayer together. I want to share with you the 12 points of the Scout Law and how each point can be related to being a Christian. Even as Christians we can live by these 12 points of the Scout Law. It doesn’t matter if you are a Scout or not.

Sadly, the Scouting movement has changed alot and going in the wrong direction.

The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View

I am an Eagle Scout. I attained my rank of Eagle, July 3, 1994. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle! If you don’t know an Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. July 3, 1994, was the date of my board-of-review. My plaque says July 5, 1994. July 3, was the day I found out I attained my rank. I held my Eagle Scout ceremony on September 11, 1994. I had my ceremony on at Alice Bell Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. I was a member of Troop 26 that meet at Washington Pike United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN.

My Eagle Scout project, I landscaped around the annexed building, some called it the Youth Building at Alice Bell Baptist Church. After the landscaping, some time after it became a Mother’s Day out type program in the building. Prior to it, it wasn’t used for much.

1. Trustworthy

We cannot properly spread the Word  of God if we are not trustworthy. God’s word is True! If we lie we are not setting a Christlike example. If you lie, how do you expect non-believers to believe you or even other fellow believers  to believe you when you speak about God or Jesus? Since God’s Word is the truth, we need to represent the truth at all times to others.

2. Loyal

You must stay dedicated and loyal to God. God is always first and always will be. You must trust in God totally and faithfully. We have to give our best for Him. God rewards you when you stay true to Him. Even in the strongest of storms, you must stay loyal and seek God.

3. Helpful

Isn’t it polite and Christian like to help other people? To show them love. Do stuff for them. Doesn’t it make you feel so much better when you do something for another person? What a great feeling when you go out of your way to help another person. Just think how thankful they are for it.

4. Friendly

This can also tie in with Helpful. We are to be friendly and love one another. We should love everyone like God loves us. God loves us so much he sent His Son to die on the Cross for our sins. This includes being polite to one another. (Friendly feeling is Kindness) Kindness is a Fruit of the Spirit, as I pointed out in this post: Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

5. Courteous

It is a good idea to be courteous or polite to each other. Using our manors: Please and Thank You. A Smile to someone else. All these can help make a better day for someone else. It can also help to show a Christlike attitude by being courteous. Even maybe allowing someone else to go ahead of you in a line at the store, dinner line at church or anywhere.

6. Kind

Just like the fifth point of the Scout, Courteous, it can tie in with being Kind. It can also tie in with being Helpful. Being kind to one another is a great way to show love for each other. Christ loved us so much, that yet while we were sinners He died for us. Now how kind is it that someone else die for you so you may live? And also has I mentioned with Friendly, Kindness is a Fruit of the Spirit.

7. Obedient

Being obedient can also tie in with being Loyal. If you are Obedient to God, God will provide. God is so amazing and powerful. God can do anything, we just have to believe and ask God. We must also be obedient. Some patients too. It is not on our time, but God’s time. Prayerfully seeking what He wants for us to do. If God calls us to do something, we should not ignore Him, we should do it! No matter the cost. God will provide!

8. Cheerful

If you help spread the word with at Cheerful heart, won’t it seem like man I want some of what they have. Spreading a Christlike cheerfulness is great. It makes you feel great and others will see it and want that too. Jesus it the best thing that can happen to anyone.

9. Thrifty

We are to use our resources wisely. Use our gifts that God gave us for His purpose. Using His money for Him, not us. Remember it is God’s money. He is just allowing us to borrow it. We must use our time wisely. Let’s not get caught by the coming of our Lord, doing something we shouldn’t be doing. Yes, we all are sinners, but as Christians, we want to sin less. To repent and turn away from sin.

10. Brave

The Bible tells us over and over to be courageous. We must take a stand and a firm direction to witness for God. We cannot be ashamed of God or fear rejection or any other punishment for it. If we are punished for spreading God’s Word, then God will fully reward us. Me personally, if a law was to be passed saying we cannot go to church or we will go to jail, I would go to church. They can lock me up all they want. They can beat me up, etc. I take a stand for my God. He is our Father, our creator, or God. He makes ALL THINGS POSSIBLE! Don’t be afraid to go where God wants you. Even if you know preaching is not allowed. Spread God’s Word at all cost.

11. Clean

Being clean is another point in the Scout Law. Trying to repent and not sin as much. Yes, as I stated above we are all sinners and still do sin. That is human nature. But as Christians we want to sin less and repent (turn away from sin). This includes sins of the flesh. Even watching our mouths, the words we say. Our attitudes and behaviors. As Christians we want to set a Christlike example to others. This includes who we surround ourselves with. If we cannot convert our friends, it is not wise to stay with them, They can lead you astray or others will see you with them and associate your behavior with them despite you may not act like them.

Steve's Eagle Scout Banquet March 14, 1995 - The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View - While I was in the scouts my post frequent position was Chaplain's Aide. I was the one that prepared sermons when we went camping. We said a prayer at every meeting. Our troop always did the Lord's Prayer together. I want to share with you the 12 points of the Scout Law and how each point can be related to being a Christian. Even as Christians we can live by these 12 points of the Scout Law. It doesn't matter if you are a Scout or not.
Steve’s Eagle Scout Banquet March 14, 1995

12. Reverent

This is an important Scout Law! We want to make sure we are reverent to God. We need to Worship Him daily! Read His Bible Daily. Witness about Him Daily. Surrounding ourselves with God and Christlike people on a daily basis too. Going to church. Don’t be as Pastor Bob says CEO people of the church. What is CEO people of the church you may ask? Christmas, Easter Only. We should be in the church all the time. Helping the church grow, doing for the church. We also need to go to Prayer and talk Him. Have God show us the path He wants us to go in. Having an open heart to the message and Word of God. After all in the Scout Oath we do say “To God and my Country”. Believing in God, will also you to have all 12 of the Scout Laws and live by them.

The above is a picture of me at my Eagle Scout Banquet, March 14, 1995. It is a Banquet where all Eagle Scouts of 1994 got to go from the Great Smoky Mountain Council. Paired you off with a sponsor. Picture above is of me and the sponsor. I don’t recall who it is now. I do not remember who took the picture as well.

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7 thoughts on “The Scout Law – A Christian Point of View

  1. Scouts honor! This post really helps me to recognize the value of God and walking in His ways. I have never related the worship of the Lord to how it relates to being a Scout. This post has inspired me in many ways and taught me a great deal. Thank you so much!

    1. I am glad that this inspired you and thank you letting me know too. That inspires me to know I’m making a difference in the Kingdom. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  2. Interesteing, I was in Trop 210, sponsored by a Lutheren church in the 60’s and early 70’s. Prayer was definately not part of our routine in any manner. Their we the obvious referneces to doing good, being and upright moral person etc. But generally God was left out of the equation in my troop. I did interact with troops that were like the one you decribed much more “religious”: in their works. We did attend servies once a year just to fulfill an obligation. So sad to see how far departed form any resemblence to biblcal teaching the BSA had come to get to the point of Bankrupcy.

  3. I was in the scouts from 1955-59 in Alderwood Manor, Washington. Our Pack meetings always started with the Pledge of Allegiance, reciting the scout oath, law and motto, prayer and scripture reading. Our den meetings always started the same. God was the center of our campouts. Our leader would talk about God creating everything as we hiked.

    1. That’s awesome I don’t recall my cub scout pack, but boy scout trooper did all that too each meeting. Plus on camping trips. Thank you for your comment John.

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