The Resolution for Men Book Review

I just got done reading the book The Resolution for Men by Stephen & Alex Kendrick (Kendrick Brother’s) and with Randy Alcorn. It was edited by Lawrence Kimbrough. I felt lead to share in my blog, my book review of this book. (ISBN: 978-1-4336-7122-7). Published by B&H Publishing Group. Hewey Decimal Classification: 248.842.

The Resolution for Men Book Review

If you don’t know the Kendrick brothers had several good Christian movies that are out. Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous. All great movies about how to live a great and wonderful Christian life. They also wrote the book The Love Dare, which is also another great, moving and wonderful Christian book on how to save your marriage, keep your marriage. I read it not being married. It has shown me a lot for when I look into building a relationship with Christ.

A picture of my copy of the book, The Resolution for Men
A picture of my copy of the book, The Resolution for Men

The Resolution for Men is a book that goes over each point of the The Resolution. The Resolution is the pledge or covenant that the men took in the movie Courageous and many men everywhere are doing. I myself are one of them that cook the Resolution. That is what made me feel led to read this book.

While reading this book, I could feel the Holy Spirit. Most of the time the chapters were about what was going on in my life or even related to what my Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Bible Study or even Church pastor was giving a sermon on. I felt it a very moving book.

This book also uses Biblical finds to show and support why we should live as Men of Courage, Men of Resolution.

“While Most Men will die with deep regrets,
others will resolve to live for what matters most.”

Quoted from the back cover of the book.

I encourage any man to read this book and also see ALL of the Kendrick movies they have out. You will feel moved and uplifted.

I am not getting paid to promote this book by any means, I just want to share how uplifting this book is. They also have a version for woman called. The Resolution for Women. So if you are a woman you ought to read this book to help encourage your husband to live a life of Resolution and you can do the same. I haven’t read this book, but it does sound like a good book to read as well.

Have you read this book? Share with me as a comment what you thought about this book. You can leave your comment via the normal blog comment or via Facebook below.


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  1. Speaking of the Holy Spirit working in this book… I mentioned that chapters I read related to what was going on, including sermons well today's sermon was one of them. The last 2 chapters I read today, talked about Lordship, Fellowship and Relationship with Christ and well those last two chapters, not sure which of the two it was, but also talked about that too. Amazing how God works!

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