The Quran Being Used for Homework

WVLT is reporting about a Knox County School (Knoxville, Tennessee) using the Koran (the Muslim Holy Book) for a social study assignment. This was for the 7th Grade. This comes after Derick Mynatt posted on WVLT Local 8 Facebook Page. This is what Mynatt shared to WVLT on September 5, 2015.

So Friday my son came home with this as homework from his 7th grade social studies class So this is what Knox co schools are teaching now? They say don’t bring up God or Jesus Christ don’t bring the bible to school or even think about praying at school but they have no problem teaching this. Well my son will not be doing this assignment or any other assignment related to Islam it’s a disgrace this is what our country has come to.

I am glad this family is sticking up for their beliefs. It is said world where we cannot teach or use the Bible in lessons, but we can use other false religions holy books like the Quran.

The Quran Homework image
The Quran Homework image

The assignment given in social studies show headline of The Quran.

Then under it reads …

Islam means “surrendering to the will of Allah,” or God. Muhammad spread the message of Islam throughout Makkah, a city in modern Saudi Arabia. He said the God would reward the good people and punish those who did evil things. The collection of Muhammad’s techings is known as the Quran.

It then gives you a passages from the Quran. It looks like passes from 87.1 to 87.11. It could be more, but it only shows 11 from the picture taken.

“I thought it was great that he was learning about different cultures. That part of the curriculum deals with ancient cultures and as a part of studying that, they learn about the different religions. It’s not just one religion, it’s a lot of them,” Hopson reported to WVLT.

Allah is not the God of the Bible! Nor is Muhammad a messiah. He was just considered a prophet.

I do believe along with other people comments, it is not fair to not allow God and Jesus of the Bible but allow Allah of the Quran.

But we also do not know if they are covering all religions or not. But it is clear they are going over the Quran and using about 11 passages of the Quran, but we cannot use one verse of the Bible.

Our world is only going to grow darker before it gets better. We just must continue to pray for our nation and our children in school.

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Image used is the image submitted to WVLT by Derick Mynatt.

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