The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The Odd Cat Sanctuary – They believe all cats matter, even the odd ones. #OddCat #OddCatSanctuary

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Now they are located in Massachusetts, a state North about 17 Hours North East from us. However, we wanted to blog about them because they help give cats who otherwise don’t have a chance, to have a chance. They help with cats and kittens with “Challenges” or known as “Special Needs”. Like of those cats we try to feature here on 2 Cats and a Blog.


They will help with cats that normally would be neglect because they are an “Odd Cat” as The Odd Cat Santucary calls them. They may even help a random dog too. Were all cats deserve love. Founded by Tara in 2015. Thanks Tara for creating this safe place for Odd Cats.

They help ferals, semi-feral, old, sick, injured, handicapped and deathrow cats.

At this place you can help adopt these cats needing furever homes! You can even help foster some of these cats too.

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This is where Maya is from

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