The LORD determines our steps 

The LORD determines our steps. This shows us that God is on control and directs our path. Everything we go through has a purpose and it is to benefit the kingdom of God.

I enjoy walking and tracking my steps using a fitbit, it got me thinking about this Bible verse in Proverbs.

This blog post works great in the Road Signs of the Bible series as it involves traveling and going.

The LORD determines our steps …

Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course but the LORD determines his steps.

The LORD determines our steps

When you see the term entirely capitalized — LORD — it will be in the Old Testament and is translating the Hebrew word for the name of God — YHWH, or Yahweh (Biblical Hebrew has no vowels, only consonant letters). The reason for this is that the Ten Commandments forbid anyone to misuse the name of Yahweh1

Click here to see the Names of God in the Old Testament.

We as a person may think we know what we want or need, but we don’t. God does! So He directs us in the path we need to go. If we try to go our own way, He is fast to chastise, to correct, us.

In the movie Noble, Christina Noble told God I’ll walk, you’ll lead. That’s so true. He is our guide.

Take the Next Step

We just have to take the next step. It might be a baby step. Then God reveals the next step. He may let us do giant leaps. No matter the baby step or giant leap, God has a plan and purpose.

God always has a plan and purpose for all that we endure. He is the one that guides us. All that goes on is to benefit His Kingdom. What others mean for evil, God means for good to come out of it.

We might not know right away or ever the reason, but God has a plan and purpose. We just have to trust and keep our faith in Him. It is easy to get discouraged when things go wrong in our eyes. It is also easy to stray away then too. But God still directs our paths.

It is also easy to feel that we are doing it, not God when things are going good. We tend to think we don’t need God and that was are doing it ourselves, but in face God is still directing our steps.


God is not our copilot … God is our pilot!

Let your steps count!

We are told to GO! Go, as in Go tell the world about Jesus Christ. Our steps should reflect that of Christ. We should be walking in the light, we should be showing Christ in us. We should be standing out in this dark world. The darker the world gets the brighter His light will shine and the more our steps will show.

Walk the walk and talk to the talk. Our talk should match our walk and our walk should match our talk. Set the example!

Sometimes, we only see one sets of steps or footprints, that is the time when Christ is carrying us, He is the great shepherd, he goes after the one last sheep and leaves the ninety-nine behind. Check out when sheep go astray.

Remember God uses the willing not the able! Be available to God! Like Isaiah said, “Here am I Lord, Send Me!” (Isaiah 6:8) Be willing to go anywhere He ask you to go. Like the song, “Where ever He leads, I’ll go”.

Wherever He leads I’ll go,
Wherever He leads I’ll go,
I’ll follow my Christ who loves me so,
Wherever He leads I’ll go.2

2. Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go by B.B. McKinney, 1936

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