The Living Christmas Tree

“December 10, 2012, I got to experience my first ever Living Christmas Tree that is presented by Sevier Heights Baptist Church. I attended with Carmen, along with her daughter Reagan and my daughter Amber. It was both mine and my daughters first time. They do this show every year free of charge. Even free parking! They have numerous of people in this production. I felt this was a very inspiring and touching production. For years and years, I always thought it was just singing, but it is so much more!

The Living Christmas Tree

Living Christmas Tree - Photo by Carmen Hudson
Living Christmas Tre – Photo by Carmen Hudson

It also tells a story, the story of Jesus Christ.  The Story of Jesus Christ starts at birth. Crucifixion, Death, Burial and the Resurrection. We also saw Heaven! It also had a family giving their testimonial. They have a Christmas Tree with people in it singing (known as the Living Christmas Tree). They have people reenacting scenes. A live orchestra band too. Even have animals in this production.  According to the Living Christmas Tree’s web site they began in 1989. The below is a quote from their web site.

“Our main goal is to present guests with the Gospel through modern-day and Biblical drama, as well as through song.”

Jesus on the Cross - The Living Christmas Tree - Photo by Carmen Hudson
Jesus on the Cross – The Living Christmas Tree

I couldn’t image how much practice and preparation this intakes. They also go by donations too. I am sure this is a huge costly event each year, after all the equipment, costumes, etc. Plus the venue. This year was at the Thompson-Boling Arena. According to their web site they have been at that venue since 2001. They have over 1,200 volunteers at this production from actors, singers, orchestra, speakers, ushers, greeters, construction workers, backstage workers, costume designers and so much more.

I am looking forward to future productions!  I know if you go see this production of The Living Christmas tree you too will be moved and inspired. This story allows you to get to know our personal Savior by a special Gospel presentation. You get to see it unfold as if you were there at that time period.

So have you ever been to The Living Christmas Tree? If so please share your comments below!

The Living Christmas Tree by Sevier Heights stopped production around 2014. I think they do a different one called Christmas at Sevier Heights.

Update: I saw signs a new church is doing this. I am not sure if it is the same presentation. But First Baptist Church in Morristown is now doing one. December 14-16, 2018 at 7 p.m. No other upates at this time about their version of The Living Christmas Tree. (Follow this blog, if I get to go to theirs, I will post a new blog post about it).

First pubilshed December 11, 2012. Last updated December 13, 2018.

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  1. Today I went to my second living Christmas tree, just a lil over 2 years ago since my first one as posted here. This year I went to Wallace Memorial Baptist Church’s production. I only knew Sevier Heights dive it. SHBC is now doing a new production but WMBC said 2014 is their 41st year. They done a great job. I could have done with out the moving lights. Lights that didn’t move would have worked better I think. But they presented the birth of Jesus in WMBC production they did.

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