The Harmless Charlie Charlie Challenge?

A friend of mine, Lesley, the other day asked me if I heard about the Charlie Charlie Challenge. I replied to her no I have not. She briefly told me a little bit about it and that her niece in Kentucky stated her classmates are doing in class and the teachers are not doing anything about it.

I couldn’t sleep, so I went through and look this up and figured I would shed some Biblical light on this matter.

Brief on Charlie Charlie Challenge

Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is similar to today’s form of a Ouija board or even old Bloody Mary and mirror.

This game or challenge uses paper and pencils with four possible answers. You ask questions to Charlie and the pencils are suppose to move to the answer. Then the youth and teens are posting the answers on social media like Twitter.

According to they say that Charlie is supposed be a Mexican Spirit. They also claim he is harmless. I want to disagree as they are a worldly paper not a Christian paper. Other sources state that this demon isn’t a Mexican demon. No matter what this demon and game is of the devil. It is a demonic forces.

Trending even said “Charlie Charlie Challenge” and #CharlieCharlieChallenge was trending during Memorial Day Weekend. It was stated that over 2 million tweets with that hashtag came out in 48 hours time period too.

I asked my daughter if she heard of this and she told me no. But our schools here were out before Memorial Day.


What the Bible Says

The Bible warns us about consulting with mediums, spirits and horoscopes etc. See Leviticus 19:31 NKJV below.

Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God. 

Regardless if the spirit is good or evil we should not be consulting with spirits. We need a warning teacher kids about this too. There is no innocent game playing when it comes to playing with spirits. You may end up summoning an evil spirit and some spirits won’t leave you alone either.

The Bible is clear on God’s Word. It tells us to not give any regard, meaning do not consult with.It goes on to tells us to not seek after them or become defiled by them. When you seek them out in games like Charlie Charlie, Ouija or other methods you are seeking after them and will soon become defiled by them.

We aren’t even suppose to get our palms read, have our fortunes read, or go to physics. Plus, this includes the horoscopes. When we do these things we are saying we don’t trust God and we put the trust in what is being said by these spirits.

This is what Matthew Henry says about Leviticus 19:31 …

For Christians to have their fortunes told, to use spells and charms, or the like, is a sad affront to God. They must be grossly ignorant who ask, What harm is there in these things? Here is a charge to young people to show respect to the aged.

We are living in the end of times. Today people see god things as bad and bad things as good. You can see this in Isaiah 5:20.

Lesley told me this …

“Yeah people are talking about it like it’s nothing like opening a portal and inviting demonic forces into the physical realm is no big deal.”

Today people seem to enjoy living in open sin. People are not ashamed of their sin nor have a fear of God. That lack of fear also is why these people lack godly wisdom. Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This game is very dangerous and should not be played or allowed! Come on Christian parents wake up and warn your children of the dangers. Also parents the band One Direction that your teenaged girls like have done something similar based on Who Will I Marry. Article | Many other sources that just repeated the same info.

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Author: Steve Patterson

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7 thoughts on “The Harmless Charlie Charlie Challenge?

  1. Never heard of this game before, but we are living in a time when people are embracing ungodly mindsets with such vigor that I find it shocking. By all means, parents, warn your children.

  2. msanders0761 I just recently heard of this too. It is a new game and just recent. It started to trend a week ago during the Memorial Day holiday. We are living in the end of times and a dark world. And yes, we must warn our children about the dangers of playing with demons or summoning demons etc. Thanks for the comment and God Bless!

  3. Danabrown4Dana Thank you Dana! My niece in 5th grade came home talking about this. Now we can fight the enemy and protect her.

  4. Seems that (when it comes to sin) everything old is new.  But then, why would satan change his tactics?  they keep working!  But God’s people be on the look out for these kinds of deceptions and especially protect our children from them!  I’d never heard of this, so thank you Steve!

  5. You’re right the devil won’t come up with new tricks he’s been deceiving people since Adam and Eve he knows our weak spots and thrives on using those he’ll say stuff is good that it’s actually bad and he’ll say stuff is bad that’s actually good. This is why it’s good to get your kids to know the basic core of God and what he expects of us. You are welcome for this.

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