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Check out this Alpha Baptist Church sign on The Great Physician being always on call.
The Great Physician Church Sign | Alpha Baptist
The Great Physician Church Sign | Alpha Baptist

I saw this sign on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 on my way to work and knew I had to share it with my readers. I took the picture on Thursday morning, May 28, 2015. This is a church sigh from Alpha Baptist in the Alpha, TN area near Morristown, TN.

This church sign reads:

The Great Physician Is Always On Call.

That is so true. We can go to God in prayer at anytime. We can go to Him for healing too. We can go to Him anytime and anywhere. We can go to Him day or night. We can go to Him 24/7 including Holidays. There is no breaks with God. We just must go in faith.

I am so glad God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to be our ultimate healer to be our Great Physician. The only cure for sin is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ can even heal our sicknesses, medical etc. We may not get healing here on Earth, but I am so glad that those who are saved will get a glorified body in Heaven. The ultimate healing from the Great Physician.

As I said by faith! Remember those people Jesus healed, they were all healed because of the Great Faith they had.


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