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I would like to take this time to talk to you about a Christian based business called The Creek Cafe located in the Mossy Creek area of downtown Jefferson City area. They are within walking distance to Carson-Newman College. The Creek Cafe is located in Jefferson City, TN. Located across from the Jefferson City Post Office and is adjacent to Carson Newman College. Plus, they are not that far from my apartment. I enjoy going there. The staff is very friendly. It has a  Christian atmosphere there.

The Creek Cafe

They have yummy food and ice cream too. Plus you can use their Wi-Fi for free. This is where I primary use Wi-Fi since I do not have internet at home. I felt led to write about this business since they are a local Christian business and I frequent them often. The Creek Cafe opened in September 2011. They had help from the local community renovating the building. Help came from students, faculty advisers and the community. The Creek Cafe is privately owned and operated. The strive to operate a customer-friend setting driven by Christian business principles. Customer-friend is exactly what you get at The Creek Cafe. Not to mention you get the feel of Christianity while you are there. They have Christian Music playing. This is a great place to take the whole family!


The Creek Cafe - photo from their web site
The Creek Cafe – photo from their web site

The Creek as a trendy type atmosphere. They have very friendly and helpful staff. Plus, they look after your needs while you are there. Not to mention, they will chat up with you and make you feel at home. It is a friendly and college type setting too. They even have a meet room area, often used with photography and artwork. They are in part of the History Mossy Creek area.

It is also a family setting as well. Even the customers here are friendly and will often engage in conversion with you as well. They have a couch where you can sit, eat and even drink coffee. Plus they have board and card games you can play too. It is a very relaxed setting I believe.

My daughter and even my mother enjoy coming here. Even owner knows me by name even before he gave me his write up on his business. He would come over and talk to me for awhile during my visits to the Creek Cafe. Even if they don’t know you the employees all are friend and will talk with you.

Christian Music playing:

They always seem to have Christian music playing every time I go there. They use a internet type radio to play the Christian music. The playing of the Christian music is another reason why I like going there, since that is only type of music that I listen to.


The food is always yummy and made fresh after you order it. I usually get buffalo panini or the chicken parmesan. Even the French Dip panini is yummy too. I have sampled the chicken salad and it tasted yummy too. They have yummy soups too. I love the potato soup and the white chicken chili soup they have. Plus yummy ice cream. I always get a Strawberry Banana Milkshake from them. My mom gets a banana split milk shake, I believe I have heard they plan to add it to the menu.

Voted best ice cream in East Tennessee by WBIR TV and ranked #1 local restaurant on Trip Advisor

The Creekside Room:

The Creek Cafe also has a type of conference or party room that is adjacent. According to The Creek Cafe’s web site it use to be Tallent Drug Store there. You can have concerts, Bible studies, Church groups, Birthday Parties and more in that room. They call this room The Creekside Room. They even have a sound system, projector & screen and more for use in The Creekside Room. I have been feeling led to lead my own Bible studies, and I just may see about doing that at The Creek Cafe using The Creekside Room, taking advantage of the amenities offered in the room.

Patron Feedback

Don’t take my word for it, check out their Facebook Page, where I grabbed some patrons comments. You can to that page and see recommendations by other people as well.

  • Jennifer Lowe Seay gave it 5 stars and said The best place to eat in Jefferson City! The chicken fiesta wrap is the best wrap I’ve ever eaten!”
  • Missy Griffith says “Great date night place! Casual, cozy and comfy … and quiet enough we can actually talk. =)”
  • Jason Smallwood says “This is a really laid back and quiet place with smiling faces good cofee and food. I will definitely be back.”
  • Ivana Elizabeth Sands says “This place has the BEST ice cream around!!!”
  • Renee Shands Jarnigan says “Best potato soup in town.”

That is just to name a few of their recommendations. Why don’t you go for a visit and try them out for yourself.  


Monday – Saturday 10:30 am to 10:00 pm Closed Sundays *Hours subject to change, check with them for current hours.


They take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card using the Square. They also take cash. Plus they now offer their own gift cards as well.

Keep them in your prayers:

Please keep this business in prayers that it may benefit the kingdom of God with its works. Also continue to pray that Godly people will continue to work at The Creek Cafe. Come on in and show your support for them. Make sure you tell them you heard about them from Courageous Christian Father.

Your Comments Are Welcome!

So have you ate here? Tell me your thoughts about The Creek Cafe. Comments are welcome!

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  1. They have popped up on the Community of Jefferson City page a few times, too. I adore the atmosphere in there.

  2. Nice review! I love hearing of Christian-based businesses sharing their faith while building their business, keeping God at the forefront. I like the sound of this restaurant and wish it were near me! May their business be blessed!

  3. Just an update! I believe the Creek is now under new owners. I have not visited them since to know what it is now like there. But they have made a lot of changes from looking in and seeing their social media page.

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