The Constitution provides for … religion

Religion: I saw this on Facebook and wanted to share with my readers. I do not know who created this. But I like this one, I like eagles and wanted to share the message on this graphic with you, my readers.

The Constitution provides for Freedom of Religion NOT freedom from religion.

The Constitution provides for … religion

According to this image that was quoted from Lamar S. Smith.

Eagle - Freedom - Religion image

We as Christians are slowly getting our rights taken away simply because we are not standing up to the non-Christians. We as Christians need to stand up for God! Express our right to be a Christian! Remember our Nation was founded on the bases of God. Face it we need God back in our Nation! We need Him back in our schools, work place, we need Him back EVERYWHERE! But also keep in mind we have true freedom in Christ!

Today in American, people are turning it around the other way saying it is freedom from religion, when in fact our country is founded on the fact that we do have freedom to worship as we please.

This is why it is important for us to have freedom fighters to stand up for our freedoms that we do have, because what freedoms we still have left seem to be disappearing and going away as our nation turns it’s back on God.

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