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On Tuesday night, October 13, 2015. My daughter and I got to go to The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN. We went to the 8:15 pm show. We had rather nice seats in the middle and fairly close to the front row. We sat Row E, seats 7 & 8.

Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN
Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN

April 28, 2015, the Comedy Barn celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary. The first show was held April 28, 1995. They have had over 9,000 shows with over 5 million guest. I am sure that some of them are repeated customers too.

Just a note, they do record the performance live. So you might be on the DVD they sell by being in the audience. Plus, as being in attendance, you could have a chance to be part of the skits and go on stage.

The first half is an hour long. Then a 20 minute intermission then the second half which is another hour. It could go a little longer, depending on how the interaction of the audience on stage and seated. Sometimes even the actors get cracked up!

As you wait for the show to begin and people get seated, the actors may come up to you and prank you especially if you are not paying attention.


The show begins with some beautiful exotic birds doing tricks and a show for you. These birds are very talented and done a great job along with their handler, Alena. They had two birds even fly around in the audience too. I had in my mind an old saying my ex-wife would say, “Don’t stick out your tongue or a birdie might poop on it.”


Comedy Barn - Stephen
Comedy Barn – Stephen

Stephen has been at the Comedy Barn for 18 years at the time of this posting. He is a ventriloquist. He can throw his voice or talk without moving his mouth. He even uses a dog, a real dog at that. He also has to audience members come up on the stage as part of one of the acts. I remember one thing that Stephen said got him to become a ventriloquist is he would get in trouble by him mom for talking in church, so he learned how to talk without moving his mouth. I got to meet him after the show. He is a nice and friendly guy.

Stephen said he loves it at the Comedy Barn, because it is good clean family humor. There are not many places that offer good clean family humor.

I really enjoyed Stephen’s acts that he did.


Eric has three guys come to the stage. He has a foamy bonker. He will hit you on the head to have your mouth open and on the shoulders to clap. It is funny to watch how the choose audience on the stage interact with Eric. There was one video that has gone viral of this man that kept laughing, a funny laugh. So viral that if you go to YouTube you will find where everyone else put up the video too. (See one of the videos below) I didn’t see this one, but I knew about this one. They include this video on the DVD.

Comedy Barn - Eric
Comedy Barn – Eric

On the one my daughter and I went to, there was a pastor on stage (guy in the white on the right in the photo Comedy Barn – Eric). He kept bonking the pastor on the head. Eric said, “This is for making me sit through a long sermon.” Another guy was a police officer. Eric asked him if he ever ran a red light for fun. He didn’t answer. Eric said you did! Then the the police officer turned to the pastor and made praying hands. So sometimes the interaction with the audience can make it come to live. I am sure there are other times it is dead and the actor on stage has to impromptu to make it alive again.

I wanted to meet Eric after the show, but by time I got to the stage he already exited the stage. I noticed what looked like a Fitbit Surge. I wanted to see what his step count was, since I have a Fitbit Surge.

I really enjoyed Eric’s acts as well.

Charlie King

I got to talk with Charlie King during intermission. Charlie came and talked to one group beside us. He asked them if they were having a prayer meeting. The group said pretty much yes. That group was talking about their churches. Charlie came in and joined in the convo. Charlie seemed like a very nice and friendly person too. Charlie is one of the musicians on stage. According this Charlies profile on Comedy Barn’s web site, he has been playing gospel and bluegrass music since he was 6 years old. He even got to play with Merle Haggard.


Comedy Barn - Danny Ping Pong
Comedy Barn – Danny Ping Pong photo

I think Danny is one of the most funniest ones. He is the ping bong guy. He has ping pongs in his mouth. He juggles with ping pongs using his mouth. He also has an audience member come up and he juggles, spits the ping pong balls at you. Good news is you hold up an invisible force field. But careful! Don’t RUN up to the stage.

I wanted to meet up with Danny after the show, but I didn’t get to. I do believe Danny makes the show great. He does show great enthusiasm as he performs.

Farmer Klemm

Comedy Barn - Farmer Klemm
Comedy Barn – Farmer Klemm

Farmer Klemm walks around with a special skunk. That reminds me of the blog post: My End Stinks. He went around talking to people all over the theater. There was a gap between the people around us and my daughter and I. He passed right by us and I even said, “Hello!” He just ignored us and kept going.

As he interacted with the guest around us, he would talk to them and do funny stuff with the skunk, Sweet Pea. My daughter would laugh. Farmer Klemm also gave a brief showing how to use Sweet Pea before the show and also offered to show those who bought a sweet pea to show them after the show.

Farmer Klemm also does a skit with a King Cobra. He has three children up on stage. It was funny, he had 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl was less scared then the boys. Farmer Klemm asked where you can buy a King Cobra, one of the kids said, “Walmart!” Everyone in the audience laughed. As Bill Cosby said, “Kids say the darnedest things.”

I will say Farmer Klemm did do a great job on stage. It was enjoyable to watch the King Cobra skit with these three kids that were up on stage. I do know that the one boy was terrified.

The Other Cast

I didn’t get much interaction with the other musicians. I did get to briefly talk to Clyde, it was just to give him a card with the blog address on it and told him I was doing a blog review. I also gave one to Stephen and Charlie.

I didn’t get to talk to the Comedy Barn Cloggers, but they did a great job with adding to the entertainment of the show. These girls are very talented.

Other stuff

I know the shows can change without notice. That could be due to staff being sick or taking days off. So the cast can be subject to change without notice. According to their website they have variety of animals. We only saw the birds and the dog. They do have house cats, pigs, and mini-donkey to name a few. We didn’t get to see those acts.

They also do have special events thought out the year too. Check their website for more details.

Also they have a chance for ALL CHILDREN to come to the stage and get to dance with the Comedy Barn Cloggers.

Comedy Barn - Children
Comedy Barn – Children


I believe they did a great job with the music as well. I liked toward the end of the show they played Will the Circle Be Unbroken and even some patriotic songs too.


I did notice the concessions here are expensive! The concession guy we had, was not that friendly. At the time of this posting, I got a large popcorn and 2 large cokes combo. That was $14. The popcorn was a small bucket. The popcorn was very, very salty. They don’t have butter to put on the popcorn either. It you want a refill, you have to pay an additional price unlike a movie theater, you get a big bucket and free refills on larges. I honestly don’t believe it was worth the $14. If I go again, I won’t buy any food from them. I will just eat before or after the show.

T-shirts Guaranteed

What I thought was neat was if you buy a t-shirt, they are guaranteed for life. So if you damage, rip, tear, spill, etc. your t-shirt, the next time you come in, just give it to them and they will swap it out. No questions asked! The reason for that is, if you are wearing it, it is free advertising for them.


Despite the concessions. I did enjoy myself. I laughed a good bit. It was good clean family humor fun. It is a place I highly recommend you take your children. I know they will enjoy it. My daughter, 17, said she laughed so hard she about cried. She said it was much better than what she thought.

I went a few years back on a local days, where you take in a can good and get free admission. I think this visit I did with my daughter was much better than the first time. Some of the skits are similar, but it will be different each time, because you never know how the audience will interact with the actors.

I loved how they ended the show by saying God Bless!

So go several times! If you go tell them that sent you or that you read this review.

More info

For more information visit:

You can also call them at 1-800-29-LAUGH

I was given 2 tickets to do an unbiased review. This is that unbiased review.

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