The Coaster at Goats on the Roof (Review)

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof (Review) – Check out this review of the new trend alpine coasters!

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof (Review)

On June 13, 2015 I got to go review The Coaster at Goats on the Roof (an Alpine type roller coaster) in Pigeon Forge, TN off Hwy 321 going toward Townsend. I have never rode a roller coaster like this before and it was a blast. At the time of posting it cost $15 for one ride for adults. $5 for small children 3-6 years old and $12 for older children 7-12 years old.

That night we went they did offer us a second time for $5. Just turned in your ride stub and got the second for $5. I took a friend, Melissa, with me on this review. Check out the image above. It shows most of the ride. Of course it goes up higher up into where those trees and such are!

Yes there are actual goats on the roof that you can feed as well!

It was about 8:30 pm or so when we done the ride. We were told at night when the lights are on it is amazing to go down. I would like to experience that. This was a fun trip and one that I would recommend for the family and even a youth trip from church.

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof - Starting Out point
The Coaster at Goats on the Roof – Starting Out point

Now the store was pretty cool to see what stuff they had in it. I peaked at some of the prices of items in the store. The prices were not badly priced at all. So take a peek inside the store! They even gave us a sample of fudge and even a sample of pecan candy. Both were yummy!

There wasn’t a real long line for this ride. It didn’t take long to get through the line. I did get to talk to the family behind us as we were waiting. We were discussing it said to stay 80 feet apart from the rider before you. 160 when it is wet and icy. So that tells me they may still operate in rain and snowy conditions.

Other Family!

After the ride, I did find out that the family I was talking to lives in Jefferson County, TN the same county that I live in. The mom, the dad and the daughter all three said they enjoyed it very much. I didn’t get to talk to that many people. I do like to talk to at least one family and get their input on the rides too when I do a review. They all enjoyed it and I believe they will be back as well.

They couple had a young daughter, I would estimate she was about 8 or 9. She had no fear, she was telling her daddy that she wanted to go wide open down the mountain without breaking. Yes, you can control the cart you are on. Push forward on the levers to go faster and push back to break or slow down.

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof - Halfway Up Point
The Coaster at Goats on the Roof – Halfway Up Point

To Slow down or not to slow down

I did notice that I had to slow down my cart some here and there. It almost seemed like you would fly off the cart, but you don’t. They do have roll fences around the curves, I guess in case you fall off, but you shouldn’t fall off if you stay seat belted, which they make sure you are seat belted before you leave. That seat belt is for your own safety!

Plus the carts are made to not come off the track.

The Accent

The ride begins and and it carries you up the mountain or hill. You are being pulled up by cables carrying you in the cart along the track. You do not have to do anything as you are being transported up the mountain. (check out the half way up point image and the starting out image)

The Decent

Then you finally make it up to the top, over 800 feet above with great views? One of those great views was a huge near by Cross that you can see! Then you can being your decent down to the bottom where you first started. According to The Coaster’s web site you can up about 30 miles per hour. I wished I thought to set my fitbit Surge as an activity to see what it would track as I rode this ride.

Pictures on the ride?

I was able to get two pictures of me on the ride because I didn’t want to take chances while going down the mountain and losing my phone. Plus, I did notice some people used selfie sticks and took pictures or did videos of the ride. Not to mention, I am sure if you google it you can find several people’s experiences. Use caution, they are not responsible for broken or lost items. Using selfie sticks can cause injury to you or others. I know most places are starting to ban these on rides for safety reasons. Use common sense when taking your own images. There are restrictions on who can ride alone, how tall you have to be etc. for safety reasons as well.

They do have one camera, that caught me off guard as I was going down. The pictures at the time of this posting is $10 per picture. That is a bit steep to me.

A bit more

My friend Melissa that I took with me said she enjoyed the ride very much too. She enjoyed looking around the gift shop as well and at the neat and cool things they have. I personally even believe they have some funny items like the Hillbilly Brief Case. You just have to check that one out for yourself. It cracked me up!

Highly recommended?

I highly recommend The Coaster at Goats on the Roof! Take your family, friends or even your youth group or church group! Once you ride this ride, you will want to ride it again and again!

The Downside?

The downside to this location is parking is limited. The other thing just like most attractions in Pigeon Forge, you cannot leave the establishment without being hounded by time share sales people. So be warned as you leave a person will try to sell you a time share or try to offer you tickets to other places by buying something from them. I wished they wouldn’t just come up to you, but you opt in and go to them if you wish for that. Those two things were the part I didn’t like about it.

Second visit

On my second visit, October 12, 2015. I took my daughter. She enjoyed it but she rode in front of me and used the brake a lot which caused me to have to stay slow as I would keep getting closer to her. So it is not fun when the person in front of you slows down or stops a lot.

Keep that in mind when you go down, your braking, will affect the rider behind you.

I still do like this coaster. They allow you to be able to ride a second time for $5 with your stub.

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DISCLAIMER & NOTICES: I was given one free ride to do a blog review on. I took a friend, Melissa, and paid for the other ticket so they could go with me to do this review. All images used in this blog post are images I took. The Coaster Goats on the Roof logo belong to The Coaster Goats on the Roof. Used the logo in the pictures for their review on this blog post. You also must ride at your own risk too. Check all the guidelines and safety rules etc before riding. I was also given another set of tickets to come back on them, to have fun doing it.

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