The Catwalk

The Catwalk – So what is a Cat Walk (Catwalk)? #Catwalk

The Catwalk

I thought the word was two words, Cat Walk, but I found out it is just one word.

Catwalk | GettyImage


  1. a platform extending into an auditorium, along which models walk to display clothes in fashion shows; a runway.
  2. a narrow walkway or open bridge, especially in an industrial installation.

This is typically what models walk down, a form of a runway. Sometimes it is known as footbridge or skyway. It is usually narrow and hard to walk on.

There is even some movies and songs about this word too

How it got it’s name!

It is said that in fashion it got its name because of the way a woman would walk down the board resembled a cat. The walk way was usually very narrow and care was used when walking.

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