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The Ark Encounter Lit Up Rainbow Colors

The Ark Encounter Lit Up Rainbow Colors. The Ark Encounter has recently lit up Noah’s Ark in rainbow colors. They didn’t light it up for the LGBT community but, to take a stance and show what the true meaning of the rainbow is.

The Ark Encounter Lit Up Rainbow Colors

The Christian attraction in Kentucky, The Ark Encounter has now lit the Ark up in a colorful rainbow color going from the bow (front) of the ship to the stern (rear). The lights light up the starboard (right) side of the Ark. Ken Ham of the Ark Encounter wanted to make a point about the true meaning of the rainbow. When capital buildings, bridges and other monuments light up a rainbow on their structure, they are doing it for support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. Ken Ham wanted to take back the rainbow because God owns it. It is a decree of a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood.

The rainbow lights will be lit up permanently as that reminder that God owns the rainbow and His covenant. Way to go Ken Ham for taking a stand and being a freedom fighter. Check out the Twitter image blow of the Ark lit up in Rainbow colors as a sign that the rainbow belongs to God.

The Ark Encounter Lit Up Rainbow Colors to show support that the rainbow belongs to God and His covenant after the Flood. #ArkEncounter #Rainbow

It does set to remind ups that God will not flood the earth again. But the final judgement will come with fire not water!

Let us do as, The Ark Encounter Lit Up Rainbow Colors to show our support to reclaim the rainbow as belonging to God!

Learn more about the Ark Encounter

You can learn more about the Ark Encounter by visiting my review where I got to visit the Ark Encounter just after it first opened. The Ark Encounter is located in Williamstown, KY. It is set as the Ark that Noah commanded God to build before the flood. It was the Ark that saved Noah’s family from the global flood. The Ark itself is a picture of the Jesus, who is our true Ark who will save us on Judgement Day.

Learn More about the Ark Encounter

The Rain Is Coming – My Ark Encounter Experience

Learn more about the Rainbow and God’s Promise

Today people are misusing what God Created … The Rainbow. After the global flood, God gave us a sign … a promise … a covenant … The Rainbow as a symbol to remind us He won’t destroy the earth with water by flooding it.

Learn more about the Rainbow

The Rainbow: A Covenant from God

Image from Ken Ham’s Twitter page

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