Talking to your GPS

Do you ever talk to your GPS? It may say turn left now and you haven’t approached the turn just yet. Or may make you turn or go a way you don’t want to go. I am sure most if all of us have. So I figured I would republish this blog post and add it to the Road Signs of the Bible Series.

Well if we talked to God as much as we do our GPS I am sure our lives would be right on path. God will guide you along the path He sees best, may not be our way but it is His way. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. See 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and also always pray and do not lose heart. See Luke 18:1

Praying is a constant talk with God. Keeping the communication line to him. Remember there are no dead spots, God can hear you no matter where you are. He knows all and sees all. He sends us the Holy Spirit that will tell us if we made a wrong turn too.



Charles Spurgeon says prayer is an innate encounter with our Father. He also says that prayer brings real changes in us. “To pray … is to reach the highest point of Christian health.”

There is no special time, day if the week day if the month to pray. We can pray ever second if the day. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just open up and talk to God. God is never too busy for us unlike we are often too busy for Him. Make time all the time to talk to God.

We also not just pray to God when we need something but also to thank Him for what He has blessed us with. Give thanks to Him. The more we pray the better we are. You cannot pray too long or too short or even too often. You may not pray enough! God may know our and already know what we want or need but He still wants us to come to Him.

Check out the acronym to GPS in this blog post of mine: GPS Acronym

Finally, I leave you with this video that I like. Michael Jr., Christian comedian talks about how God is like a GPS.

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  1. Thanks, Steve. This is a great analogy. Yes, I talk to my GPS. I also talk out loud to the Lord often too. I love that He is always available to us. We just need to call on HIm more. Thanks, Amy

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