Shai Linne Lyrical Theology Part 1 - Regeneration
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Cosmic Powers by Shai Linne

Cosmic Powers by Shai Linne w/lyrics. The Devil’s lurking and he’s prowling in the night, Seeking whom he may devour on sight, He’s subtle and he’s clever, full of malice and spite … #ShaiLinne #CosmicPowers

false teachers by Shai Linne
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False Teachers (Fal$e Teacher$) by Shai Linne

This is a YouTube video for Christian Rapper, Shai Linne and the song false teachers (Fal$se Teacher$). #falseteachers #ShaiLinne

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Secrets in the Snow (Movie review)

This is for a very good Christian, Family friendly movie called “Secrets in the Snow” This movie almost reminds me of the Breakfast Club. This movie kids try to figure each other out and why there were stranded in a snow storm at school. You will love this movie. Plus Review & Trailer #SecretsintheSnow

Dirty Water Lacrae
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Dirty Water – Lacrae

This is the lyric video of the song “Dirty Water” by Lacrae. #DirtyWater #Lacrae

God Does Not Exist
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God Does Not Exist

God Does Not Exist a video with a barber setting of a barber who doesn’t believe god exist and the guy getting his hair illustrates a way to show God exist.

Hidden Message in Genesis
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Hidden Message in Genesis?

I recently saw a video by Chuck Missler on the Hidden Message found in the lineage in Genesis 5. So is there really a hidden message in this chapter of Genesis? Find out what I uncovered about this this hidden message that is supposedly in this chapter of Genesis.

Do You Have Room for Jesus
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Do You Have Room for Jesus

This is the Christmas song by Donna & Carrol Roberson called Do You Have Room For Jesus? Remember there was no room for Him in the Inn. So do you have room for Him? We make room for things we like. Have you made room for Him? I also share the lyrics to this song too.

Mary Did You Know? (Ramona)
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Mary Did You Know? (Ramona)

This is a music video with Ramona singing, “Mary Did You Know?”. This video is from Christmas Eve 2009 at Kure Beach First Baptist Church in Kure Beach, NC.

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Billy Graham’s First Sermon Video

Billy Graham’s First Sermon Video taken from the movie Billy The Early Years. (November 7, 1918 is Billy Graham’s birthday). I also share links to My Hope Videos.

Value of a Soul - My Hope America with Billy Graham image
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Value of a Soul – My Hope America

Value of a Soul the 2015 My Hope America with Billy Graham. Three lives search for true worth as their worlds crumble. Follow their unexpected journeys as Franklin Graham addresses the real value of the soul.

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Riding for Jesus by Eden’s Way

This is the music video for Eden’s Way called Riding for Jesus. This video is done by Righteous Rock TV TM. Eden’s Way is a Christian Rock Band.

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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy

An all female A cappella female group, from BYU called Noteworthy as they sing a cover song for Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) #AmazingGrace #Noteworthy

Evolution Vs. God Movie
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Evolution Vs. God Full Video

Evolution is debunked! Ray Comfort talks to UCLA professors and students seeking proof in Evolution Vs. God Shaking the Foundation of Faith #Evolution #God

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Adrenaline (Review & Trailer)

Adrenaline a faith-based movie, It’s not what you drive, it’s what drives you. (Trailer & Review) What is your purpose? #Adrenaline #AdrenalineMovie

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At the Cross (Love Ran Red) Cover

Check out this cover song by Sindey Montano. She did the song by Chris Tomlin At the Cross (Love Ran Red). #LoveRanRed #AtTheCross

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Mormon Secrets: What the Missionaries Don’t Tell

A Video that shows what if the Mormon missionary actually told you the truth about that they believe when they came to your door. #Mormons

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Asking Mercy by Saving Darkness

Song by Saving Darkness, a South Carolina based Christian Rock band and their new song Asking Mercy. #AskingMercy #SavingDarkness

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Sharing Your Testimony

We are all told to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. This includes sharing our testimony to others. Here is a list of suggested places to share your testimony. #Testimony

Nails by Red Letter Disciple
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Nails by Red Letter Disciple

This is a music video for the song “Nails” by Red Letter Disciple. Can you feel the nails? Can you feel the pain? Do you know disgrace? Can you see the shame? #RedLetterDisciple #Nails

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War Room (Trailer & Review)

This is my review, notes, the synopsis & the movie trailer of the Christian Movie, War Room about the power of prayer. #WarRoom #WarRoomMovie #prayer