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Writing Prompt

1 min read

Message in a Bottle – If I was at the beach and wanted to write a message and put it in a bottle and put it out to sea, what would I want it to say and who would I like to find it? #MessageInABottle #WritingPrompt #piccadillyinc

2 min read

Eye Contact – A form of body language that can show respect, but also sometimes…

2 min read

Most Respected Professor – You’re a college’s most respected Professor. All of the students love you and the other faculty look up to you. Yet, you’ve been faking it all. This was a Writing Prompt. #WritingPrompt @writingprompt_s

1 min read

The Drums … If you were in the band, what instrument would you be playing? #writingprompts #dailyPrompt, #prompts #Drums I’d have a complete set of red drums at that. @selectedprompts

3 min read

From the Roof Tops – Usually this involves us sharing a big important message to someone. What does the Bible say about roofs? #BGBG2 #Roofs

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