Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que (Burnt Ends - Brisket)
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Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que

Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que – If you like BBQ Food and you are in the Sevier County area, you might want to go to this restaurant to get some good bbq food such as hog legs, ribs, brisket and more.

Of One Accord Ministry
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Of One Accord Ministry Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Of One Accord Ministry Celebrates 30 Years of Service – A local ministry in East Tennessee that has been around for 30 years and helping in many ways to impact the community.

250K Tree Day
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250K Tree Day

250K Tree Day – Tennessee Environmental Council is promoting 250K Tree Day, a statewide event on February 24, 2018, planting 250,000 trees with 25,000 Tennessee volunteers of all ages. #250KTreeDay

Tennessee State Flag - Tennessee Flag Salutes
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Tennessee Flag Salutes

Tennessee Flag Salutes – Did you know that the State of Tennessee has two Tennessee Flag Salutes that are similar to the Pledge of Allegiance but these are geared for the State of Tennessee.

Tri-State Marker Tennessee Kentucky Virginia
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Tri-State Marker (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia)

Tri-State Marker (Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia). How would you like to be able to see three states at one time or even stand in one spot and be in three states at the same time?

Iron Furnace
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Iron Furnace (Cumberland Gap National Park)

Iron Furnace (Cumberland Gap National Park). This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to the Cumberland Gap National Park near the Tri-State Marker to the Newlee Iron Furnace. In this short hike, you will also see a small waterfall near the furnace. #IronFurnace

Harrisburg Covered Bridge #HarrisburgCoveredBridge
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Harrisburg Covered Bridge

Harrisburg Covered Bridge. A truss covered bridge, located in Sevierville, TN. A great place to check out a historic covered bridge in East Tennessee. #HarrisburgCoveredBridge

Pray for Gatlinburg #PrayforGatlinburg #Gatlinburg
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Updates from the Devastating Gatlinburg Wildfires Destruction

Updates from the Devastating Gatlinburg Wildfires Destruction – as death roll rises and structures damaged and destroyed list grows. #Gatlinburg #PrayforGatlinburg #PrayforTennessee

Wildfire Danger Still Remains High
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Wildfire Danger Still Remains High

Despite the recent rainfall and cooler temperature in Tennessee, wildfire danger still remains high, with 10 new fires on Sunday and a total of 61 fires still burning in the state. Urgent Prayers are still needed for significant amount of rain! #Wildfire #Wildfires #BurnBan #Tennessee

Praying Hands - Missionaries
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SIGCO Pray 2016

The Stand in the Gap Coalition – SIGCO Pray 2016 – Does that mean God is not hearing or answering the prayers of his followers? We learn in God’s Word that He does not always deliver his people (who are obedient) out of bad situations.

America's Most Bible-Minded Cities Poster
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America’s Most Bible Minded Cities

American Bible Society Finds Bible Belt Alive and Well. Find out what cities made the top ten Bible Minded Cities and Tennessee Cities top the list. #BibleMinded #AmericanBibleSociety